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Dawn of Steel

For belief is the cradle of myth and from it, all things are given reality…

It is the dawn of the Age of Man and King Thrane, from his seat of power at the center of the known world, spurs the advancement of reason and steel throughout the land. Faith and belief, once given heavily to the Gods of old, now lie in the abilities of man: the strength of steel and the power of reason.

Through the ever-growing belief in logic and steel, the Gods of old, the knowledge and study of the arcane arts and the tolerance of all races other than human are slowly being tread beneath the foot of Thrane’s expansion. The forceful arm of Thrane’s rise to power and the execution of plan is carried in the swords and arrows of the Steel Hand: Thrane’s ever-expanding army.

But hope remains.

The fates of a small group of adventurers were brought together by the Gods of old and entwined to a common cause. These brave few were chosen to prove their worth and devotion to the Gods of old in the hope that through accomplishing the tasks put to them and finding favor with their deities, they will be the champions the world needs in the darkening days.

So it is that a halfling, an elf, a human and a half-orc accept the missions put before them and our brave party begins the arduous task of finding favor with their Gods, honing their skills and finding the strength to drive Thrane and his army from this world.

Thus begins our adventure and the journey to restore faith and belief in what once was strong…

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